Corrugated box Plant Machinery

Corrugated box Plant Machinery

Two Profile High Speed Single Facer Paper Corrugation Machine
Single Facer is a bod Nes Design, it offers high rate of production and enhanced efficiency. The rolls anr mounted on roller bearing for smooth rinning and longer life, minutely finished Flute Folls result in pergect formation of Flutes, Lubrication system based on high temperature fluorinated grease which solves a long standing industry provlenwith recirculating oil lubrication system, with elimination of lubricating oil system, the wastage of oil and leakage on the floor is prevented. Two Pre Heaters are provided with the Machine.


SIZE Output P.M. Power (H.P.) Heating Load
52" 120 ft 8.5 H.P. 33 K.W.
62" 120 ft 11 H.P. 39 K.W.
75" 120 ft 15 H.P. on steam

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