Corrugation Machine

Corrugation Machine

The oblique high speed model offers a high rate of production and enhanced efficiency. The flute rollers mounted on the roller bearings, for smoother running and longer life, impart the proper impression on the board. Dancing rolls are provided to eliminate the effect of improper winding of paper on the finished product. The machine is provided with motorized self loading twin shaft reel stand with 3 unwinding shafts. Shaftless hydraulic reel stand is recommended for this machine. The machine is to be heated by steam, Two preheating cylinders are provided with the machine.


SIZE Motor H.P Heating Load KW Weight Approx Floor Area
42" 7 19 4 MT 7.5′ x 15′
52" 7 22 4.5 MT 8′ x 15′
62" 7 24 5 MT 9.5′ x 15′

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