Multi Size Paper Napkin Making Machine

Multi Size Paper Napkin Making Machine

Our Variable Size Paper Napkin Making Machines are highly regarded in the converting industry for producing high quality paper napkins.

Each Printing Unit Consits of

  • Stereo Cylinder Changable from 9″ – 13″
  • Forward and Backward Adjustment.
  • One Ink Roller Dipped in Duct.
  • One Ink Carrying Roller could be adjustable for the required ink.

Embossing Unit

  • One Hard Chrome Plated Design Roller.
  • One Bowl Paper Roller.

Folding Unit

  • Rotary Cutting System.
  • One Drum.
  • Stacking Plate Form.
  • Automatic Electronics Counter.

Specifications of Paper Napkin Folding Machine Size 9" to 13" Napkin

  • Speed: 150-200 Sheets Per Minute
  • Printing: 2 Colours Flexo Printing
  • Power: 2 HP DC Drive
  • Raw Material Tissue 21 to 27 gsm
  • Width 9″ x13″
  • Max. Unwinding Dia 40″
  • Inner Core Dia 3″

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