Paper Cutting Machine

Paper Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Hydraulic Type Paper Cutting Machine
The High Speed Cutting Machine is specifically Designed to cut board, Plastics, Aluminum, PVC Film, Wood Veneers, Asbestos board, Emery Cloth, Rubber and Leather as well as other Sheet Material that is to be cut with precision and speed. The Friends Makes 115 EMC, High Speed Cutting Machine is a high performance machine designed specifically for the Paper Mills, Offset printers, Print shops, Book Binders , Copier paper industry and stationary industry.

Salient Features

The Storage capacity of the programme is 99 programmes and one programme capacity is 99 cuts in this machine. The accuracy of the programme is 0.01 mm 0.001 inch. Conversion from mm to inch fraction is also possible. The programme controls the backguage with double speed. The machine has a 1:6 ratio motor is installed for very accurate clutch brake system.

Back Gauge Accuracy

Control through upper moving system Perfecta (Seypa) Type. The screw is running on ball bearings. Back-gauge guide moves at grinded pillar.

Drive Gear Box
The worm gear drive has ground worm and needs less power than any other conventional drive. The gears are running in oil bath.

Air Cushion Table
Helps to move the paper stack very easily.

Hydraulic Clamp
An advance design, together with new technology concepts have account for increasing rationalization and the consequent performance requirements. Friends range now has a new drive Mechanism for clamping. The special features of this machine are double clamping pressure and gentle setting of the clamp on the paper to be cut. The clamping pressure is adjustable with a knob positioned under the table at a convenient place.

Indication Light
A Beam of light falls across the Knife width, on the paper to be cut without lowering the clamp. This ensures proper cutting.

Knife Changing Device:
The knife can be changed easily by lift system and safely by a single operator.

Photo Electric Safety
Guard A set of infra red light beams are projected in front of the cutting zone just above the table to avoid an accident.


Number of Programmes 99
Max Stop Number 99
Measuring System Alternate ( in millimeters and Inches )
Cutting Width (mm / Inch) 115 cm per 45 ¼”
Clamp opening (mm / Inch ) 14 cm per 5 ½”
Smallest Remainder Strip 1.5 cm(0.5″)
Deep Depth (mm / Inch) 115 cm per 45 ¼”
Power required 5 H.P (for Main Drive)
Back Gauge Drive 1 H.P.
Air Blower 1 H.P.
Front Table Length ½”
Clamp Pressure (Min.) 100
Maximum Pressure 3700
Table Height of the machine 33″
Capacity cuts per minute 42 cuts

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Salient Features

  • Friction clutch system for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance.
  • Rapid type hand clamp and Foot Clamp for smooth and easy operation.
  • Easy replacement of knife. Fine adjustment of knife height by eccentric levers.
  • Adjustable back gauge for accurate parallelism with knife edge. Device provided with locking arrangement to avoid shift in the position of back gauge during operation.
  • Safety and saving of space.
  • Centralised lubrication of moving parts.

Machine Size 33″ 36″ 43″
Length of Cut 33″ 36″ 43″
Width of Cut 33″ 36″ 43″
Pile Cut 4″ 4.5″ 5″
Cuts per Minute 32″ 28″ 25″
Power Required H.P. 2″ 2″ 5″
Approx. Weight Kg. 1600 1800 2000

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