Sheet Pasting Machine

Sheet Pasting Machine

Pasting Machine is useful for gluing the fluted side of the board and for pasting board to paper as will as to board for making 3-5-7 ply board. The model of this machine is different than the others and is full-enclosed model. The Machine is adjustable by rotating handle provided on one side of machine.


SIZE Speed Power Required Floor Space Height Gross Weight
65" 150 RPM 0.5 H.P. 80”X30” 50″ 500KG
75" 150 RPM 0.5 H.P. 90”X30” 50″ 600KG
85" 150 RPM 1.0 H.P. 50″ 50″ 700KG
95" 150 RPM 1.0 H.P. 110”X30” 50″ 800KG
105" 150 RPM 1.0 H.P. 120”X30” 50″ 900KG

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