Tissue Paper Making Machine

Spiral Paper tube machines (Pneumatic Cut)

Bandsaw Paper Napkin Machine is used to automatically fold the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular paper napkin. The machine system includes printing, embossing, counting and folding. The counting system attached with pneumatic attachment and electronic sensor so that counting could be varied according to the requirement. An extra remote is provided on the machine so that operator can control the speed of the machine while feeding the paper at the beginning.

52" 120 ft 8.5 H.P. 33 K.W.
62" 120 ft 11 H.P. 39 K.W.
75" 120 ft 15 H.P. on steam

NOTE:- Keeping pace with time specification may change with time.

Attachments and spare parts:

One Rudra blades for bandsaw. Two extra timing belt for embossing operations. Complete tool kit.

Parts of machine will be hard chrome and power coating. Mild steel and Carbon steel body. DC Drive system with one year guarantee. Motor of your choose Crompton or Godrej. Paper Embossing quality export type. Main Bearing of SKF.

We also provide operator if you required.

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