Toilet Roll Making Machine

Toilet Roll Making Machine

Keeping space with changing times and technical advancements, the company is continuously making improvements in the design of its machines. Hence, the machine supplied may have features different from those described in the above specifications. In addition, the company can also supply machines as per customer specifications and requirements.

Our Toilet Roll Making Machines using premium quality of raw materials procured from reliable sources all our machines operate trouble free and are also corrosion resistant as well as cost effective.

Our Toilet Roll Making Machine with Embossing are available with following feature:
  • Size: 100cm working
  • Slitting distance: 99 mm
  • Cutter: 10 Rotary Cutter with Holder & bottom
  • Perforation: Repeat on 110 mm above
  • Maximum rewind: 200mm
  • Motor: 2 HP DC Motor with thyrister control drive
  • Speed: 2,500 to 2,800 Rolls/8 Hrs/100gm
  • Unwind Station: One
  • Man Power: One Operator & 1 Packer
  • Raw Material:14 to 26 Gsm.(2ply)
  • Maximum Unwind Dia: 1200 mm and many more feature.

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